The Waiting Game

12.20.10: “Good things come to those who wait…..and wait…..and wait some more” is how that age old saying should really go.  I waited all deer season for my “shooter” buck to make an appearance and I never did get to see him!  Oh sure, I got to see some really nice bucks from the stand but not the one I had my eye on.  I guess we are both playing the waiting game and this year he won – but there’s always next season when he will be even more beautiful, as long as he survives.

However, not all is lost.  I did get the opportunity to harvest a nice mature doe and that’s just as thrilling to me as taking a nice buck.  To me it’s all about the hunt and this particular morning was no exception.  It was the last Saturday of Muzzleloader season, the air temperature was somewhere around the 7 degree mark (that’s being generous) and fortunately there wasn’t much wind which made it bearable as a treestand hunter.  I had watched deer filter in and out all morning, waiting for that elusive buck to wander by.  But when the sun was finally up in the sky, I had to marvel at how beautiful it was in the woods.  There had been an extremely heavy frost which had coated every limb, every weed and every treetop and created the illusion of sparkling diamonds.  The recent snowfall just added to the crisp and clean scenery.  I have always been very appreciative of the beauty that Mother Nature creates and this morning was no exception.  That’s part of the reason I enjoy deer hunting so much – I get to sit and watch the woods wake up in the early mornings and every time I marvel at the beauty of it all, hoping that others see what I get to see.

Below is me with my doe and John with his nice mainframe 8 pt. Buck.  In all we ended up with a buck and 4 does – not a bad season indeed.

My 2010 Muzzleloader Doe

John with his 8 Pt. Buck

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