The Hunting Room

John and I have worked very hard this past year making changes and adding inventory.  One of the biggest changes we have made to the store is adding a better inventory of guns and ammunition.  While it’s a work in progress, we have managed to build the gun inventory from a single, used gun (singular!!) when we took the business back over to a gun rack thats “almost” full (plural!!).  We have been quite busy selling, re-stocking and buying used guns.  If you have a gun you’d like to sell or put in on consignment, please stop in at the store and we will be glad to assist you in any way that we can.

Twin Lakes Fish & Game Gun Rack

Twin Lakes Fish & Game Gun Rack

We also carry a nice selection of hunting accessories that includes scopes, black powder accessories and game calls.  You can also get your gun cleaning supplies from us as well as other hunting items used in the field. As for the ammunition, we have stocked much in the .22 round, all types of slugs, most types of shotshells including high brass and .410 rounds and a good selection of handgun ammunition.  As always, if you don’t see what you are looking for, just ask us to order it in for you. Oh, and don’t forget that ever important hunting license for whatever you intend to hunt for in the field.  And yes, we can answer any question you may have pertaining to rules and regulations – we have made it our business to know the rules and regulations so as to help educate our customers.

John & Terri

11.17.11:  My buck of a lifetime.  A beautiful 13 pt. that weighed 175 lbs.  It was a fantastic hunt and you need to read my story on “Terri’s Blog” to get all the details!

Me and My Buck - What a hunt!

My 2011 Buck


11.18.11:  Not only was I fortunate enough to harvest a buck of a lifetime yesterday but I got my doe the morning after.  See “Terri’s Blog” for the story.

Thumbs up on the doe hunt!