Springtime Boar Hunting

03.27.11:  Usually spring break means sandy beaches, lots of sunshine and hoping for a good tan.   But for two (2) young men and their dad, their recent spring break was far from any sandy beach.  Ty, Trey and dad, Shannon Mattix, spent their spring break in Tennessee boar hunting.   Prior to leaving on their hunting trip, Shannon got ahold of me to order a Nikon scope for the muzzleloader he had bought at Christmastime so that it could be outfitted identically to the same muzzleloader we had set up for the youngest son prior to the 2010 deer season.

As you can see from the pictures below, it was a very successful boar hunt.  Both boys used their scoped muzzleloaders and Shannon was successful with his .357 handgun.  I’m sure all were thrilled with their respective trophies and it’s such a great testament to being outfitted properly for any kind of hunt.  Congratulations to all three!

Trey Mattix - Notice the Twin Lakes Fish & Game Hat!

Ty Mattix and his boar

Shannon Mattix with his handgun trophy.

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