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12.08.10: Tis the season for Christmas buying!  If you are like me, you are most likely not very fond of the whole “shopping” thing and usually frequent businesses that are specialized and unique in some way.  I also like to get in and get out when it comes to Christmas shopping and that means shopping close to home.  I don’t really care that the item is not on sale or that I might have to have it ordered – it’s exactly what I want and I’m not about to drive all over creation trying to find it or be the first one in line to get the special price.  Who has time for that anyway!

We presently have a great selection of fishing reels for your holiday gift giving.  And of course that new reel needs to go on a new St. Croix Rod which we also have.  We have ice fishing supplies and lots of new tackle that I’m getting out daily.  If you don’t see something, just ask me….it’s probably still in a box in the back room but that doesn’t mean I won’t go looking for you.

We have a couple of the new Thompson Center 50 Caliber Impact muzzleloaders left in stock which are a great gift idea for the young hunter on your shopping list – just ask Trey Mattix about his!  It would also suit a lady hunter, as the stock can be shortened to accommodate smaller framed shooters.  And don’t forget all the accessories needed for muzzleloader shooting – we have the items needed to shoot.

Our gun rack is full with shotguns of various gauges, some new and some used; a new Henry Big Boy 44 Magnum rifle which is absolutely gorgeous; a Henry 22 lever action rifle, a couple of  H & R single shot rifles in a .357 and 44 Magnum and the list goes on.  If we don’t have it – no problem, we will order for you.  We have a couple of really great suppliers and I can usually find what you are looking for!

If you absolutely cannot find that special gift, think about giving a gift certificate.  The person receiving the gift certificate can use it for anything they want which is great for that “hard to buy for” person.  They can use it to buy a fishing or hunting license; to buy live bait or buy an item they’ve wanted but haven’t purchased yet.

To all of our customers, regular and new, thank you for supporting John & I and Twin Lakes Fish and Game.  It’s greatly appreciated and we look forward to a great 2011.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Twin Lakes Fish & Game.

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