Thoughts of Fall???

07.07.10:  Here we are, just going strong into the summer season, and thoughts of fall are creeping in.  By that I mean  inventory is arriving at Twin Lakes Fish & Game that’s very indicative of the fall hunting seasons.  We have a nice selection of PSE bows and archery equipment and we are building our […]

Backstabber Lures

06.24.10:  We just received an initial order of the lipless variety of the Backstabber Lures. The Backstabber lure features two hooks that rotate 360° that make it almost impossible for the fish to throw this lure! There is no bottom hook to hang-up,  it has been moved to the top of the lure for better […]

Tournament Season in Full Swing

06.23.10:  Last weekend’s calendar was full with several different tournaments taking place on both lakes.  John & Charlie have been following the Angler’s Dream tournament trail on Lake Shafer and finished the tournament in 2ndth 11.5 lbs.  Not a bad day’s “work”, especially when you are doing something that you really enjoy.  I haven’t seen […]

Boundary Waters Bonanza!

06.15.10: The summer months are when many of our customers take fishing vacations with family and friends.  I had a customer in last week finalizing plans to go to the Boundary Waters in Minnesota and Canada, which was very ironic because two of my brothers and two of my nephews were already on the Boundary […]

Indiana Beach Team Tournament Results

06.06.10:  The team bass tournament sponsored by Indiana Beach and coordinated by John and I went off without a hitch on Sat., June 5th.  The field of 25 teams launched from the Indiana Beach campground ramp at approximately 6:15 a.m. with the weigh-in at 2 p.m. on the boardwalk at Indiana Beach.  While the weather […]

The Cats are on the Prowl

06.06.10: Time of year and the recent heavy rains have triggered much activity among the catfish in our area lakes.    Whether you are trotlining or fishing with a rod and reel, chances are very good that you can load up on channels and flatheads.  Pictured below is Dick Watts of Buffalo, Indiana with a 45 […]

Julie’s Introduction to Bass Fishing

05.26.10:  First, let me start by saying that Julie is our daughter in law and is making the effort to learn about hunting and fishing – pretty fitting, considering that John and I own a business that specializes in hunting and fishing.  Last Sunday was her birthday and we decided that it would be nice […]

Lee’s Northern

May, 2010:  Just wanted to share a picture of my brother with his 36″ Northern caught in Michigan last weekend.  Lee is from the Goodland area and is an accomplished outdoorsman and has been since we were kids.  He hunts, traps and fishes but fishing seems to be his favorite past time.   Lee spends a […]

Mid May Fishing Report

05.19.2010:  Well, so much for reporting on the good early spring weather we were having – May has been a different story.  So far we’ve experienced lots of rain and if it’s not raining, the wind is blowing a gale!!  But – it has not affected the “catchability” of the silvers.  We’ve had a great […]

Wednesday Night Tournaments

Many of our customers that are familiar with our Wednesday night tournaments have asked when they will be starting.  They will begin the first Wednesday in June which for 2010 is June 2nd. These tournaments are set up to promote fun and enjoy some socializing with fellow competitors.  The cost per tournament is $20.00 per […]