Hunting Memories

11.24.10:  I’m posting a picture that is very indicative of a successful deer hunt when properly outfitted.  This young deer hunter received his Thompson Center 50 cal. Impact muzzleloader, complete with a Nikon BDC scope for his birthday in early November.  Of course it was all purchased from Twin Lakes Fish & Game!  If memory serves me correctly, he got in on a Tuesday and during the weekend he and his dad came into the shop to get the accessories and guidance from John in helping them sight in the muzzleloader.  Following opening weekend of firearms season, I was sent this picture of his 12 point buck that he shot with his muzzleloader!  Not only has he gotten his buck, but two (2) does as well – Dad says he is 3 for 3!   Not only have his hunts been successful due to proper outfitting but he will remember these hunts forever.

T. Mattix with his Muzzleloader Buck

Congratulations to this young, upcoming hunter!

John & Terri

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