Happy Thanksgiving

11.24.10:  Good morning to all and wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  It used to be customary that John & I would be open on Thanksgiving day for the sake of checking deer; then after several years we opted to open only for a couple of hours in an effort to take the heat off of the deer check numbers on Friday.  However, as of last year we finally decided it was time to remain closed for the entire day so that we could enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends.  Oh, and of course, we can enjoy our morning deer hunt.

The deer firearms season is winding down and thus far, the total numbers are down slightly.  Not quite the mass harvest that some people were predicting….As a matter of fact, it’s been quite the opposite and I’m sure there are a variety of reasons that account for the lower than predicted numbers.  I won’t go into any of the reasons, as you all can draw your own conclusions but Mother Nature has not been overly kind, especially with warmer than normal temperatures and higher than normal wind speeds.  So, with that said, I, for one, am really looking forward to the muzzleloader season when the number of “hunters”  won’t be as great as during the firearms season and the weather should be more conducive to some good deer hunting.

Below are some pictures of successful “First Time” deer hunters:

Aaron Bunnell - He's such a cutie!

Lauren Hinshaw and her 1st Buck - Great Job!

Morgan VanMeter and his 1st Buck

Congratulations to all and again, Happy Thanksgiving!

John & Terri

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