Frog Fishing at Guntersville

08.26.2010:  It’s been almost two weeks since our trip to Guntersville, Alabama and all I can say is…… we would go back in a heart beat!  Fishing with frogs is so much fun, not to mention challenging.  John and I have fished this particular tournament for the past two years.  It’s sponsored by Snagproof, a company that manufactures topwater frogs as well as other plastic surface baits.  However, the only bait that is allowed to be used during the tournament is a Snagproof  frog and talk about fun!  Guntersville is known for grass and mat fishing which is the perfect ingredients for fishing a topwater frog.  The interesting thing about using these frogs is you have to have a variety of colors – what works during practice WILL NOT WORK during the tournament – you can count on that!!!  My blue frog was being very good to me until tournament day – it must have decided it had already worked too hard and needed a nap.  John was having good success on his black poppin’ frog so I decided I would match the more desired color and started throwing the black frog.  Boy, did those bass ever like the color switch!  And what’s so interesting about that is we did not use a black frog much during practice – go figure.

We ended up with a limit of 5 fish but just couldn’t get that kicker fish we needed to help with the final weight.  Our limit weighed in at 14.70 lbs and the winning weight of the tournament was 20.41 lbs.  We weren’t too far off but we just couldn’t get rid of the two smaller fish we had.  Dang!!  However, we did manage to finish in the money as we ended up in 27th place and they paid the top 50 places.  50 places you say??!!  Yep, 50 places because there were a total of 268 boats in the tournament.  And little ol’ John and I ended up being the highest finishing couple in the tournament.

Yep, we’d go back in a New York minute!  Plans are already in the works for fishing the frog tournament next year – go figure!


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