Bailey’s Big Bass Award

08.05.10:  Sometimes the actions of people never cease to amaze me.  No, this isn’t a commentary on all the bad things going on in the world today.  Rather, this is meant as a thank you to an adult tournament fisherman who’s actions following the conclusion of our Wednesday night tournament, will be long remembered.  You see, John and I view the Wednesday night tournaments as an opportunity to enjoy the company of fellow fishermen and women and we encourage fishing for fun.  They are not designed for the hard core bass tournament fisherman where winning and money are the main focus.  With that said, here’s a recap of last night’s event.

First of all, it was truly amazing to me that all of the teams weathered the storm that rolled through the area not long after we got started.  It wasn’t just any storm, it was a thunderstorm complete with lightening and torrential downpours.  We always caution our teams prior to the start of the tournament to keep an eye on the sky when conditions are favorable for storms.  When we all came in at weigh-in time, most of us  looked like drowned rats but there was much chatter about the night’s events, who was where during the heavy rain and who caught fish.  One of the first teams to weigh in their single nice fish was the team that I affectionately refer to as “R-squared” – Brian and Bailey Rothrock.  When asked if  Bailey was the one that caught the fish, he grinned proudly and said that it was he that caught the nice largemouth and Dad nodded in agreement.  Bailey’s fish weighed 2.89 lbs.  Needless to say, there were a lot of “atta boys” from the onlookers that included most that fished.

Then there was Ed – aka EO, Slippery, Oily……the list goes on.  Ed too, had a lone fish to weigh in and everyone knew that it was going to be close for the Big Bass prize.  John handed me the fish to weigh and when the weight displayed on the scale, I just looked at Ed and said “Shame on you.”  Ed’s fish weighed 3.02 lbs!  Of course there was lots of hootin’ and hollerin’ going on about how close the two fish were.

But this is the amazing part of the whole evening.  Ed obviously won Big Bass for the evening and when we handed him the money for his big bass, he turned and gave his winnings to Bailey.  Now….how cool is that???  That is something this young angler will remember for the rest of his life!  And to Ed – John and I commend you for your unselfish actions.  You just made this young man’s evening and we couldn’t be more proud of that.

Below are a few pictures taken Wednesday night – before the rain!!

If that fence could only talk!

Some of the rest of the crew!

Lee, me and Mike

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