About Us

Twin Lakes Fish & Game was established in the fall of 1984 when John & Terri Raines of Monticello, Indiana took their love of fishing and hunting and opened a small retail store devoted to supplying the customer with the proper equipment and “know how” to achieve fishing and hunting enjoyment and success.  After over 25 years, one location move and two pretty extensive remodeling jobs for the sake of growth, Twin Lakes Fish & Game continues to thrive in an area known for its resort atmosphere, compliments of Indiana Beach Resort and Lakes Freeman and Shafer.

Today, Twin Lakes Fish & Game sets right at the base of the Norway Dam at the far upper reaches of Lake Freeman.  In fact, Norway Dam separates Lake Freeman and Lake Shafer. Having outgrown the original building after just seven short years in business, John and Terri purchased a much larger building just four blocks away from “where it all began”.  This bigger building offered the ability to grow and expand so as to build on the dream of becoming Monticello’s premier fishing and hunting store.  This was in 1991 and today they continue to grow and prosper from the same location, located at the corner of Francis St. and W. Norway Rd.

Twin Lakes Fish & Game offers a wide variety of live bait and fishing tackle.  Customers will agree that if you can’t find it at Twin Lakes Fish & Game, just ask John or Terri to order whatever you are looking for and they will be glad to get it in for you.  The same business philosophy applies to  guns, ammunition and hunting gear.  If they don’t have it in stock, they will order for you.  Current inventory at Twin Lakes Fish & Game consists of a wide variety of bass fishing tackle for the tournament angler, St. Croix Rods, reels by several different manufacturers, fishing tackle for the pan fisherman plus those fishing below the dams, live bait containers for all forms of live bait and of course live bait.  On the hunting side, customers will find up to date muzzleloaders by Thompson Center and muzzle loading accessories, ammunition for the hunting and target enthusiast and of course, guns.

Twin Lakes Fish & Game is very unique in the fact that the owners “are what they sell“.  Both have tournament fished professionally and continue to be active in several tournament trails throughout the state of Indiana.  Not only do they participate in tournaments but are very skilled in organizing and conducting tournaments.  And when they are not fishing somewhere, they can no doubt be found in the deer woods where deer hunting is very much a passion of both John & Terri.

So when in Monticello, stop in and see John & Terri at Twin Lakes Fish & Game.