A Hunt to Remember

10.29.10:  Today’s date is most likely one that Rocky Gourley will remember for the rest of his deer hunting days.  It’s the end of October, we’ve just weathered three (3) brutal days of high winds and this very morning dawned crisp and clear- a deer hunter’s delight.   The stars must have all be aligned just right this October morning, as Rocky had the great fortune to cleanly harvest a 10 pt. Indiana Buck that most hunters only dream of.  And to add somewhat of challenge to this bow kill – Rocky still shoots fingers and still uses a 2013 aluminum arrow.  While we did not put a tape measure on it, Rocky stated that this buck measured 22″ on the inside spread and even though it’s a true 10 pt., the rack does have two (2) additional sticker points – one on each side.

Having been a deer check station for over 20 years in White County, Indiana John and I have seen our fair share of “record book” potentials.  And if there’s one thing we’ve learned, racks come in all shapes and sizes and everyone has their own opinion of what makes up a “dandy” rack.  In our opinion, this October whitetail harvested by Rocky Gourley ranks high on our list of “dandy.” Congratulations to Rocky for a job well done and we’re sure this particular hunt will be remembered for many years to come.

Rocky Gourley and his main frame 10 pt. Buck

Rocky Gourley, 10.29.10 Archery Season

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