2011 Turkey Season Successes

04.29.11:  Dear Mother Nature – Please send some much needed warmth and sunshine.  You’ve showered us with more than enough rain these past two weeks.  You might be mad at Mr. Sun and whatever your reasons are, we apologize for him so that you may send some sunny rays our way.  Please and thank-you.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve had my fill of rain and high gas prices.  I feel like we’ve been hit with a double whammy but I feel very fortunate and blessed that we were spared the destruction that ravaged the south.  And while the soggy conditions and high flood waters have deterred the fishermen, it sure hasn’t slowed the turkey hunters.  Turkey season opened on Wed. and so far we’ve checked in 19 gobblers and that comes on the heels of having checked in 10 youth turkey hunters last weekend.  Not too bad for a part of the state that, not too many years ago, didn’t have much in the way of any kind of a turkey population.

Not only are the area woods seeing  turkey hunting action but word has it that the mushroom hunters are finding some success as well.  We’ve seen some results here at the store from mushroom hunters and of course have heard the stories.  One thing is for sure, whatever your activity in the world of mother nature, be sure you’ve donned a pair of good waterproof boots – you are going to need them!

Below are some pictures of area turkey hunters:

"Smilin" Andy Creighton with his 20 lb. gobbler

Jake Esposito and his 24-1/2 lb. turkey - Great job!

Shannon Mattix with a 24 lb. Gobbler

Matt Creighton and his "soggy" bird.

Blaine Mills with his 24 lb. bird

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